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This page contains a bunch of Transalp stuf.

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Then there are my adventures with the Transalp !
In 1998 I took her for a 6000 mile spin through 9 US states and a chunk of Canada:

In 2000 I got company from my brother Maurice on another trip. So I bought a 2nd Transalp.
Again 6000 miles, only this time we kept going north until we hit Alaska !

"May Madness 2002" , a trip in May 2002 with friend Donald through the Wild West.
July 2003, another trip with brother Maurice through California (pictures only, no story yet....)

A few more picture stories:
* November 5, 2000: The SF Bay Area Alpers did a Mini Rally .
* February 7, 2001: A visit to Corbin in Hollister CA.
* May 20, 2001: Sunday trip across the Tioga Pass to Mono Lake .
* October 15~19, 2001: Trip around the Sierra's .
* February 3, 2002: Follow the Hawks up Mt Hamilton.
* February 15, 2004: 1st Attempt Banner Ride.
* March 7, 2004: 2nd Attempt Banner Ride.
* May 2004: Mineral Run with the CT's.
* March 2005: Digging up Cow Mountain.
* March 2005: Death Valley Wild Flower Bloom.
* May 2005: 1st TransSierra Rally (Yosemite).
* October 10, 2005: Riding the trails up at Hotel Sullivan