The second attempt Banner Ride, March 7  2004

Our first attempt turned into a rainy fiasco.....  So plans were made to try again. As bad as the weather was the first time, as good as it was now!!!!!  It felt like summer and we had a great time. Plans were kept the same: Meet at Alice's at about 12PM, chat for about an hour and then ride.

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TA's at Alice's TA's at Alice's
First we assemble at Alice's in Sky Londa (CA). We found a quiet spot next to the big lot with the Har(d)leys and racers.
Picture with Banner Signing the Banner
The first picture with the Banner, with the full group of 7 riders and 1 passenger. Left to right: Eddy, Dave & girlfriend, Clyde, Ray, Paul, John and Peter. In the right picture Paul is signing the Journal.
TA's at Alice's  TA's at Alice's   Two more shots of us chatting away about our beloved TA's and what parts we installed, etc. etc..
TA's at Pacific TA's at Pacific
Finally, at about 1PM we started riding. We cut through the hills with the worst road I know about: Alpine road, perfect for our TA's. The road ends at the Pacific coast, where I made these two shots.
TA's above SF View
We continue our ride north along the Pacific coast with the famous highway 1. Then we squeeze ourselfs through the city, cross the Golden Gate bridge and climb the hill north of the city.
Banner above SF.  Dave
We take another picture with the banner in a more recognisable setting above San Francisco. I needed to perform some acrobatics to be able to take this picture so I am not in it myself....   While playing around with the camera, I take a great shot of Dave with his very recently aquired TA.