A first attempt Banner Ride, February 15  2004

The plan was to meet with approximately 6~8 Transalps and to take pictures with a Transalp banner. The weather however did not cooperate....  We had four Transalps at Alice's in Sky Londa, of which one was an unplanned 'surprise'. Two Transalps went on a wet ride up to San Fransisco to meet an Africa Twin that was carrying the Banner. We have to try again when the weather is better.

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Karl and Jeff at Alice's Karl and Jeff at Alice's
Karl and Jeff are chatting on the parking lot at Alice's in Sky Londa (CA).
Tough Cookie Ron and his Tough Cookie Ron and Karl Then a surpise arrival: Ron and his beloved Transalp. "I have never seen so many Transalps together!", he says. Ron claims his Transalp has done 200K miles and he never does any maintenance. Later he admits to changing oil, maybe 50K miles ago and checking the valves once, "but they were tight so I didn't touch them.".
Bikes at Alice's  at Alice's   There is always plenty activity at Alice's on the weekends. Today was a bit slow because of the 'bad' weather. Even though the sky looked like rain, Jeff and I (Eddy) decide to ride north to "the city" (San Francisco) to meet Bill with the Banner.
Bill and Jeff 2 TA's and 1 AT
Jeff and I arrive at Fort Point in San Francisco after a rainy ride along the coast. Ten minutes later Bill arrives and we chat a bit before we move the bikes to a scenic spot for taking pictures with the Banner. Bill has a rather unique 1988 650cc Africa Twin.
Banner Picture Banner Picture
So here is the picture with the banner. I decide to cut it a bit to show more banner and less bridge. This was late afternoon and with the 'heavy' clouds, the picture turns out a bit dark.....
Bikes at the Bridge  Bikes at the Bridge  Bikes at the Bay Then I go and freak a bit with the camera and shoot some bike line ups.
Bikes at the Bridge  
All in all, still a fun day!!