Picture Collection

These are pictures from my latest motorcycle trip through the Nort West. From my home in Sunnyvale California, I traveled north into Oregon, than Washington and crossed the border into Canada. I did just a little 'loop' into Canada, bad weather forced me to travel south again. So I entered the US again into Montana, then Wyoming and more east again into South Dakota. Then back into Wyoming to get to Colorado. From Colorado I headed for 'home' again, straight west, through Utah, Nevada and back in California. Total distance traveled was 5949 miles in 22 days. I wore down a rear tire that was almost new when I left. Also the drive chain needs replacing now. Call it vacation expense! Traveling like this is very cheap anyway. The bike (Honda Transalp, 600cc V-twin) runs at least 50 miles on a gallon and camping is $10 a night average.

Personal Note: To me, trips like this are not only the ultimate vacation, they also have a permanent effect on your personality!

The next pages contain 4 pictures each. Click on the small pictures to view a larger 800x600 picture. I also added really high quality 1024x768 versions that are perfect for use as wallpaper.

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 Page 1 : California & Oregon
 Page 2 : Washington state
 Page 3 : Washington & Canada
 Page 4 : Canada & Montana
 Page 5 : Yellowstone (Wyoming)
 Page 6 : Yellowstone continued
 Page 7 : Yellowstone continued
 Page 8 : Yellowstone continued
 Page 9 : Yellowstone & Grand Tetons
 Page 10 : more Grand Tetons
 Page 11 : Wyoming
 Page 12 : South Dakota & The Badlands
 Page 13 : South Dakota & Wyoming
 Page 14 : Wyoming
 Page 15 : Colorado & The Rocky Mountains
 Page 16 : More Rockies in Colorado
 Page 17 : Utah, Nevada & Home (California)