Visit to Corbin in Hollister CA on 7-Feb-2001

Karl calls Eddy: "Yo Eddy, I'm goin' to Hollister to have a custom seat fitted."
Eddy replies: "I'll go with ya! I need to check out their electric car production."

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The Corbin plant
in Hollister 
California , USA

Karl still on his stock seat
Inside the seat
making department

TA ready to be
Harley back rest
mass production
Karl explains what
he wants.
Test drive
Small adjustments
(and more back rests)
This is the crew that
makes your seats.
Extra high custom seat.
What did baby Rachel
have to say about daddy's
new seat: YIPPEEEEE!!
The Electric Cars
"the Sparrow"

Eddy takes it out
for a spin.

Will a big guy like Karl
fit in this tiny car?
YEP, he fits!
And he takes off.
Because they are
3-wheelers, they
qualify as motorcycles!
Lapping around
the block.
"plug it in"
Corbin back yard.

>> The Merlin <<
This one is supposed
to get a motorcycle

An old "Indian".
This monster was
used in attempts
to break speed
A view in
the cockpit.
"Under the Hood"

Merlin design

Building a prototype

Under the hood
of a Sparrow.

Electric engine control.

Engine and rear
wheel drive.